Play The Aussie Way At Online Australian Casinos

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Although the online platform is incredibly well-suited to casino games and gambling, it can sometimes be a little frustrating when sites cater to the needs of a very general international clientele or only players from the US.

Despite this, Australian players continue to flock to internet casinos in droves on a daily basis. The online gambling experience is that good. But it could be so much better…

This is why a number of Australian companies have taken the initiative to create online Australian casinos tailored specifically to the needs of Aussie players. That means payouts in AU dollars, consultants who understand you, games that are particular Australian favourites, and so much more.

Find the Internet’s Finest Australian Casinos

Australia is widely known as one of the largest online betting markets in the world. So there are plenty of Australian casinos out there who want your business. But choosing the right one doesn’t have to be a bother. All you need to do is check out a few websites that specialise in reviewing Australian casinos online. They’ll point you in the direction of the widest selection, largest welcome bonuses, safe and convenient AUD transactions, biggest jackpots, and more.

Enjoy Everything from Pokies to Poker

One of the reasons why most Australians these days prefer to play online is the fact that you won’t find such a huge selection at any land-based casino, let alone your local pub. The Internet’s finest Australian casinos offer games to suit every gambler – including pokies and video slots, scratch cards, Online baccarat, blackjack, roulette, scratch cards, lotteries, and much, much more.

Play for Amazing Prizes and Huge AU Dollar Payouts

Another thing you won’t find at the pub down the road or in your average offline casino is such enormous jackpots and incredible prizes. Because Australian casinos online draw such huge pools of players, their jackpots and payouts often grow into prizes of epic proportions. Plus, you’ll get paid out in AU dollars, so it’s super convenient.


Receive Warm Welcome Bonuses

Ever walked through the doors of a casino and been presented with a big handful of chips or tokens just for stepping inside? Unlikely. But Australian casinos online do just that. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and you’ll be rewarded with a generous welcome bonus to pump up your winning potential. Regulars are also rewarded with handsome loyalty bonuses and lucrative promotions are standard fare. As a matter of fact, savvy online gamblers sign up with several top-rated Australian casinos to make the most of all the best welcome bonuses available.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds Safely and Fast

The leading Australian online casinos will never compromise your security. Top-of-the-line password encryption software, third-party transaction services and simple, honest terms and conditions are the order of the day.

What’s more, because Australian casinos online have such a localised target market, they have to comply with the stringent rules and regulations of Australian and international gambling authorities in order to remain operational. Use those review sites and players’ forums to do a thorough background check on your chosen Australian casino before you get started.

Play at Online Australian Casinos for Free

Online casinos like to give political betting Australia players a free taste of their delicious casino fare to whet their appetites for real jackpots. Free play is just one more advantage that online Australian casinos have over their land-based cousins. So there really is no reason why you shouldn’t try out a leading online Australian casino today!

Choose Your Casino Bonuses Online With Due Care

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Tap into great bonuses when playing online and join the river of casino thrill seekers, since, in fact all casino play is a huge and growing industry. The competition for loyal and regular players, and members, is evident throughout the web. In order to attract and retain these valuable visitors, online casinos offer a wide range of bonuses.

These casino bonuses online may be offered freely, or under certain conditions, as an incentive to becoming a member, making a deposit, being loyal, referring others or just spending time at the casino.

There are many rewards that await the bold online casino player, one that patiently searches the vast variety of great and lucrative bonuses available out there in the online casino world and finds the very best bonuses, and ones that suit them best.  Good fortune awaits these players, for casino bonuses online can be the make or break of successful, in the black, play.

When playing online casino games, it is always a terrific plan to make sure you get the very most out of these fun and, in all likelihood, lucrative games. This means that you should make sure you put the effort into finding the best, most sensible and ultimately rewarding casino bonuses online.

The best bonuses are a players’ best friend, and are hugely influential on success at online gambling sites.

The Guide to the Most Effective and Best Bonuses

Here is a basic guide to the best bonuses that found at online casino bonus UK sites. There are abundant bonuses available, and their details vary significantly from site to site. Nevertheless, the first prize when looking for bonuses is the cashback bonus. This useful bonus pays the player back any cash they lose in the form of cash or credit. The percentage cash back, and the timeframe involved, may be different at each site and can be invaluable in saving a player from total loss and stretching their bankroll.

The casino sites benefit in terms of player retention and attracting new members.

Online casino sites often woo new players using what is known as an exclusive bonus. Players receive an exclusive bonus when signing up at a casino after following a special invitational link from a third party site. These exclusive real money online casino bonuses will generally take the form of free spin bonuses or no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are relatively common, and are available as exclusive no deposit bonuses or as no deposit free play bonuses.

The free play bonus involves a cash advance to players for signing up with a pokies site, or to promote certain, specific games. Many casino sites offer bonuses to high stakes players in the form of high-roller bonuses. These are offered for large deposits made and are characteristically found at highly reputable branded casinos.

The other types of casino bonuses online are particular to the casino site and casino in question, but include weekly and monthly bonuses, reloading bonuses and refer-a-friend bonuses.

Always Mind the Small Print

A gentle alert however, for though the casino bonuses online appear amazing, many come with certain requirements and rely on a quid pro quo scenario to reap return for the house too. An understandable approach, as these wagering requirements or rollover requirements usually revolve around the time spent at the site, and volume of casino play in terms of turnover.

Be alert to the conditions of casino bonuses online and make sure you understand all the implications and are able to benefit from the rewards.

Do You Know Types Of Online Roulette Options?

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At online roulette Canada casinos players can enjoy a number of different variations of this classic game. Roulette has made the very successful transition from the royal courts to some of the most prestigious land-based casinos in the world, and in the 1990’s it took the leap online and has since become one of the most popular table games around.

A game that oozes style, sophistication and effortless class, roulette has stood the test of time and still captivates players with its spinning wheel of fortune. The web’s leading online casino software developers have created superb, realistic versions of this exciting game and have enhanced and adapted it to be enjoyed in the digital environment.

Online Roulette Variations

At a glance, players will find that online roulette Canada casinos all offer at least two types of roulette variants, the European and American games. European roulette is the most popular variant worldwide and its lower house edge makes it ideal for new and seasoned players alike. American roulette is more challenging and many experienced players prefer this style of the game as they feel it’s more fitting of their prowess.

European Roulette:

In European roulette the black and red wheel has 37 numbered slots and players can bet on 0-36, Red or Black, Odds or Evens and a variety of other inside and outside bets. The house edge is 2.7% and this game is considered to be the more traditional variant.

American Roulette:

American roulette is also known as the classic Vegas variant of the game and the red and black wheel features 38 numbered slots. The additional slot is the double zero and players can place bets on numbers 00-36. The house edge in American roulette is 5.26, making it more of a challenge but also providing potentially higher payout potential.

French Roulette:

French roulette is essentially the same in layout as the European game, but the added En Prison and La Partage rules offer an increased chance of winning. These rules are known as insurance bets and can result in players receiving half their money back if the result of a game is zero.

Live Dealer Roulette:

The most realistic, authentic version of online roulette Canada casinos have to offer, Live Dealer games are played via real time video feed and feature a dealer who players can interact with. These live dealer games are the closest possible simulation of being at an actual roulette table in a brick and mortar casino and are incredibly exciting.

Multi-Wheel Roulette:

Online roulette Canada casinos that offer many variants of this exciting game are sure to feature multi-wheel roulette. In this game players can spin up to 8 wheels at the same time, maximising their chances of a winning result.

Multi-Ball Roulette:

Roulette is usually played with one ball that’s spun in the opposite direction of the wheel and when it comes to land in a numbered slot it concludes the game. In multi-ball roulette player can spin up to 3 balls on one wheel at the same time, greatly improving their chances of a win.


If it’s something a little different that you are after, Spingo may be the perfect choice. This game is a mash-up of roulette, mobile lotto and bingo and players need to place bets on various colours or numbers whilst the lotto balls are drawn at random. Not a game for roulette purists but one that’s fun all the same, Spingo is an innovative take on a classic form of casino entertainment.

Mobile Casino Games On Android Just Keep Evolving

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Since the very first mobile phone that looked and weighed like a brick, the mobile market has come a long way. Today everyone has a mobile, and that mobile does everything. This of course includes linking users, and ultimately gamers, with the online world and all that that beholds. For gamers this means a full range of strategy, first person, action and even casino play sites and games. Now we have the ability to access, use and win at these all on a mobile phone! This is genuinely an amazing opportunity which holds at its zenith the frightfully popular Android software platform. Created by Google, Android offers the advantage of being cross platform compatible so it powers a myriad of smartphones and tablets that are preferred by Canadians. An open source OS, Android runs smoothly on HC, Samsung, Huawei and a number of other popular hand held devices.

Bringing more and more unbridled joy with everyone’s favourite mobile platform with style, ease and an unmatchable class is the Android objective. So whether it’s the thrill of the game, the prospect of winning huge prizes or just the fun of the game that entices gamers to the wonderful world of online casino play, the one constant that’s a must is the Android platform to do it all on. Catering specifically to the new generation of gamers, this system and all of its great apps allows for the best in online play in a safe and secure environment. A winning opportunity awaits Canada!

Now for the fun part of describing what it is exactly that makes online casino play on the Android platform so great. Thanks to the radical growth of both the mobile and online casino play markets in Canada means that the very best game development will cater to the mobile platform and so will the majority of the available casino games. And here real money slots for Android distinction as one of the great mobile platforms further distinguishes itself by ensuring the bulk of the online gamers’ mobile fascination. Ultimately this means that the best games, the best online casinos and the best winning opportunities can be found with Android casinos!

On top of the variety and overall possibility that this form of entertainment brings to the gamers of Canada, this mobile platform and its online counterparts also offer additional benefits such as the highest gaming quality, smoothest operational characteristics, best sounds and effects, plus, very importantly, gamers can be assured that the betting sites and apps involved are extremely safe and secure. This is achieved by a good intertwining connection between the Android mobile operating system and the online casino that allows for seamless and effortless links. This also brings with it high quality encryptions and support staff that protect gamers’ information and transactions.

Therefore, regardless of which of the wonderful games Canadian gamers choose to spend their time with, the best way to do it is on an Android cell phone. An enthralling adventure, whether it be for fun, for fame or for money awaits on your Android mobile phone. Go ahead, Canada, and simply choose your favourite, a world of fun awaits!

A Closer Look at Mobile Casino for Players Online

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Mobile technology is the fastest growing industry of the 21st century. This unbelievable expansion of service capacity applies to the advent of games too. Games, these days, are available on virtually every subject, and it is with due cause that software developers and marketers around the world are scrambling to turn most services and day-to-day events into interactive games. This is increasing e-learning capabilities since it is well known that many people, especially children are more inclined to learn something if they discover the salient facts through game play. These games include some brilliant geographic exploratory adventures, visiting of world renowned landmarks and virtual travel. In addition, the mobile or game platforms are designed for use on most smartphones available today – in fact, the primary requirement being that the device be Java compatible.

Thanks to the surge in smartphone technology and capability, the popularity of these sites is rapidly increasing as more and more people appreciate the advantage of being able to do activities that used to be the domain of highly specific land-based buildings and places, but are now available to everyone. No longer is it necessary to get dressed, go out and visit an expensive casino, for instance, to experience the utter thrills of casino play. It is even out-dated now to sit down at an internet enabled computer to experience the thrill of casino game play, because smartphones; those ubiquitous communications devices that are carried around everywhere, by everyone, now have the ability to access casinos at the very drop of a hat. This drastically evolved personal handiness is responsible for a worldwide change in the online experience, a change that naturally includes mobile casino enjoyment.

This form of entertainment is still evolving and many mobile sites available to Canadians are somewhat limited in game variety. Nevertheless, existing mobile casinos feature blackjack, roulette, video poker, online baccarat NZ, keno, slots games including progressive jackpot games and a number of arcade-style games. Just like online casino South Africa, most mobile gambling sites allow players to test the games for free before committing real money.

With the stated aim of the mobile casinos being the provision a mobile casino experience indistinguishable from online casino play, mobile gaming software developers are producing mobile casinos that utilise the rich, high quality graphics and dynamic sounds available to smartphone users. The mobile casino experience is backed up by innovative, user-friendly and flawless payment software supporting a variety of mobile billing methods as well as comprehensive customer services. These services include 24/7 support, financial tracking, and player monitoring and evaluation tools. As can be expected, many mobile online casinos provide a plethora of promotions and bonuses. Players are consequently flocking to mobile casinos so that they can concentrate on their favourite games, in an exciting casino environment, with plenty of rewarding promotions, and yet retain complete peace of mind regarding their money and winnings.

So, as the mobile age becomes more and more of a reality, look to find many traditional land-based pastimes surfacing in the growing world of virtual reality.

A Detailed Look at Online Casino for Internet Players

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The aim of online gaming software developers is to provide online casino experiences that are in fact better than the original land-based casinos. The result of this is software and game production that is on-going; online casinos are using the rich, high quality graphics and dynamic sounds available on modern laptops, tablets and smartphones to produce an enthralling gaming and wagering adventure.

In addition to this, any reputable online casino will be fully equipped with the latest, most user-friendly and price-conscious payment software available, providing a variety of proven mobile billing methods and proper customer support. This support includes ‘always on’ client assistance, financial tracking options, and even personal gambling monitoring and evaluation tools. In order to attract players and grow this industry, top casinos provide a plethora of valuable promotions and bonuses. The result is that Canadians are flocking to these internet based casinos, enjoying their favourite games in an exciting casino environment, claiming plenty of rewarding promotions and having genuine gambling fun on the go, all the while safe in the knowledge that their money is properly safe and sound.

Mobile Optimisation Surges in Popularity

Internet based casino sites or casino game platforms are generally designed for use on Java compatible smartphones. Thanks to the surge in smartphone technology and capability, the popularity of these sites is rapidly increasing as more and more people appreciate being able to enjoy the art of wagering wherever and whenever it suits them. This ultimate convenience is, obviously, responsible for the worldwide explosion in online casino play.

Mobile online casinos sites, much like all online trade catering to the mobile market, are adjusting to the mobile revolution as fast as they can. Mobile sites are therefore generally still endowed with less game variety than their desktop counterparts. Nevertheless, existing internet casinos already feature blackjack, roulette, video poker, online baccarat NZ, keno, slots including progressive jackpot games and a number of arcade-style games.

The most popular mobile online casino entertainment is still the slots games. These games are receiving much development and feature all the slots variations that have proven so successful at online casinos. Although the mobile version of the three and five reels slots games have well-designed themes and special features available, the overall quality is still somewhat short of that provided by standard online casinos.

State-of-the-art Software

Casinos catering to the online market can be expected to provide a thoroughly enjoyable gambling experience. Generally, they supply this either as a selection of downloadable individual casino games, or in set ‘Casino Pack’ bundles that facilitate the huge demand by players for instant access to a whole selection of favourites. And given the quality of the platform, there is simply no doubt that whichever version is chosen, online and mobile casino game players will enjoy this thrilling, optimised gaming adventure.

Software developments and improvements evolve as technology does and often it’s one industry that very much drives the other. The symbiotic relationship between the two parties sees consumers benefit and in the case of online casino advancements its players who really reap the rewards of the cutting-edge options available.

About Ali Baba And The 40 Thieves Online Slots Game

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Amaya Software created this grand video slot game, based on the classic story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves which is taken from The Tales of the Arabian Nights. The movie, made so famous by Disney, is in fact the inspiration and basis for the animated graphics and exotic soundtrack.

Five reels and twenty paylines against the setting of an austere desert landscape that includes a cave, the entrance of which is sealed shut by a magical door, above which the words “Open Sesame” are visible.

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves features fun sound effects and an Arabian soundtrack with the ambient sounds of an ancient Middle-Eastern souk-bazaar filtering through, throughout gameplay.

Reel Symbols

Themed on Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, the lower value reel symbols consist of musical instruments, a dagger, rings, a scarab beetle, a snake in a basket, a camel and sneaky monkeys. The wild substitute symbols and higher value reel symbols are made up of Ali Baba, Morgiana and one of the 40 Thieves.

Dancing Wild Symbol

Morgiana, the dancing slave girl, appears in the Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves video slot game as a wild substituting symbol which is versatile.

The Dancing Wild substituting symbol can perform as an expanding wild and it can take up a whole reel from top to bottom. This wild can also function as a random wild substituting symbol, and is able to substitute all symbols to generate more chances for winning combos.

Only the bonus, free spin and scatter symbols are immune to powers of the Dancing Wild substituting symbol.

Scatter Symbol

A bag containing a wealth of coins and jewels represents the scatter symbol. When three or more Treasure Scatters appear on the reels, the chance of large payouts is increased, with pay amounts of up to 100x the total bet amount.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

The Open Sesame Free Spins mobile keno bonus feature begins in a cave where a choice of three magical doorways are presented to choose from.

The first door is low risk with fifteen or less spins and offers up to 4x multiplier with four picks. Door number 2 is medium risk, offers 20 free spins or less and a multiplier of up to 5x with six picks. The third doorway is high risk, up to 25 free spins, with a maximum multiplier of 6x and eight picks offered.

Surpassing the number of spins or picks behind any of these doors will cancel the round making it worthless.

Gold Or Bandit Bonus Round

This bonus round is activated when three vase symbols show up in any places, then a second game screen opens offering a click-me bonus game. Select six Golden Vases from the twelve shown. Six of the vases are hiding bonus cash prizes inside each of them, but be aware that the other six vases are hiding a mischievous monkey inside each of them. The monkey will advise the 40 Thieves to thieve a vase from you.

At the beginning of the Gold or Bandit bonus round you can be given up to three Ali Baba protections, to prevent the conspiring monkey and thief from stealing a Golden Vase.

Treasure Of The Pyramids Slot Game in Detail

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Treasure of the Pyramids is yet another Ancient Egyptian themed video slot, this time from 1×2 Gaming. The slot is pretty light on special features; it does not offer you a progressive jackpot or even a bonus round. It does however have a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and some free spins. Treasure of the Pyramids slot does not have animations, or any exciting graphics. This is not the slot for you if you are looking for an exciting few hours. It is a good starting point for beginners however, as it can also be played for free money. It may get boring quite soon though with its repetitive spins and not much else.

Egyptian Symbols and Theme

The theme for Treasure of the Pyramids is again one of Ancient Egypt. There are many, many Egyptian themed slot games out there, many feature 3D graphics and exciting second screen bonus rounds. Treasure of the Pyramids have neither of these. The graphics are 2D, and pretty flat. Of course the symbols are iconic and taken from the theme, such as the Eye of Horus, the head of the Falcon God himself, a scarab beetle and of the staples of every Egyptian slot game, Queen Cleopatra and King Tut. Treasure of the Pyramids has basically taken any well known Egyptian symbols from any era and combined them together in this slot.

There is very minimal animation in this slot apart from a simple zoom or twist to mark a winning combination. Cleopatra is the highest paying symbol in the game and will award you 300x your line bet, followed by king Tut with 100x your line bet. The least rewarding and exciting symbols are those from a deck of cards, Nine to Ace. These will pay out for five of a kind in an active payline and range from between 20x and 80x. Being a low variance slot, Treasure of the Pyramids will award you with quite a few smaller wins quite often, with all the character symbols paying out for even two of them on a line.

Basic Special Features

The special features found in Treasure of the Pyramids are pretty basic. Starting with the scatter symbol, which comes in the form of a scarab beetle. This has two functions. The first is to launch a very basic Pick Me round where the Canadian casinos online player gets to choose from three artefacts. Each holds a prize but you won’t get to find out what the other prizes are. To trigger this you need to find three or more scarabs anywhere on the reels. The scarab scatter will also award the player with Treasure of the Pyramids biggest game win. The scarab acts as a multiplier here, paying out 25x the total bet for three, 150x for four and a pretty decent 300x for five.

Treasures of the Pyramids also have a wild symbol, with the word wild on it. This is only found on specific reels, and can take the place of any base symbols in the game, excepting of course the scatter.

Play Under The Sea Slot Game Online By BetSoft

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Under the Sea slot by 1×2 Gaming software features thirty paylines, five reels and has an underwater ocean theme. Under the Sea slot is centred on 3D animation while utilising bright colours and a dynamic atmosphere. This combination brings the underwater world of the game to life.

Behind the reel, the player can see a colourful, vibrant and animated underwater scene. At the bottom is the ocean floor with red coral, blue coral, purple coral, purple sea anemones, red plants, green plants, yellow star fish, course sand, and ocean rocks. Towards the top of the screen, the player can see the ocean’s surface with gentle waves slowly drifting up and down. These waves cast scattered light down to the bottom of the ocean scene which adds a touch of realism to the setting. In addition, the occasional bubble will creep up from the bottom.

At the top of the reel, there title of the slot, Under the Sea, is in bold white and yellow letters. To the left and the right sides, static bubbles line the outside of the reel. At the bottom of the reel, the player can see a wealth of information on the game as well as make certain selections. Options and information include choose coin, bet per line, select lines, spin, and max bet per line. There is also an autoplay button at the top. The player can also adjust the selected lines or bet per line by pressing the plus or minus button adjacent to either. Finally, the player’s balance, credits, and bet are displayed at the bottom of the reel.

Under the Sea Slot Symbols

Under the sea slot symbols include a wide range of underwater themed items. The first symbol is a sunken shipwreck with its contents scattered across the ocean floor. The second symbol is a treasure chest that is sunk into the sand and covered in algae. The third symbol is a clam which has been opened to reveal a shining white pearl inside. The fourth symbol is a blonde mermaid with blue eyes who is smiling. The fifth symbol is an orange fish with a white stripe. The sixth symbol is a brown fish with white teeth. The seventh symbol is a smiling purple fish that is swimming around a coral reef. The eighth symbol is a blue fish with a flat head. The ninth symbol is a bright yellow fish with eyebrows. The last symbol is a green and black fish with bright yellow fins.

Bonus Round with Free Spins

If the River Belle online casino player gets three of the sunken ship scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels, they will be awarded with eight free spins. If the player gets four of the sunken ship scatter symbols, they will be awarded with twelve free spins. If the player gets give of the sunken ship scatter symbols, they will be awarded with fifteen free spins. The pay-out for any winnings during the free spins round is doubled. This can lead to large winnings for players who are lucky enough to hit while playing in the free spins round.

Play Yule Be Rich Online Slot Game

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Yule Be Rich Slot is a very simple little Christmas themed video slot from 1×2 Gaming. The slot does not have a whole lot to offer, only the basics like a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and free spins. The name is a play on words about the Christmas theme, another name for Christmas time being Yuletide. Yuletide was the midwinter solstice that was celebrated by Northern European peoples and became incorporated as a part of Christmas when Christianity spread to the area. Many of our Christmas traditions were originally Yuletide ones, such as the Christmas tree, and even Santa. Yule Be Rich slot offers only nine paylines spread across five reels, and it is possible to stake up to five coins per line. This is a great slot for those with a lower budget, but don’t expect to be able to retire from it.

Yuletide Theme and Christmassy Symbols

This is a very specific themed slot, with everything from the back ground to the symbols falling under said theme. The background to the reels is a snowy scene with pine trees and a setting sun. The numbers on either side of the reels are sitting in Christmas tree baubles while the reels themselves are edged with Christmas lights.

The graphics are not 3D, they are simple and flat and done in cartoon style. The over all colours are red and white to match the theme with pretty much every symbol being either red or having red in it. The base symbols are from a deck of cards, and all wear cute Santa hats. The rest of the symbols are Christmassy characters, namely a gingerbread man, a reindeer, a snowman and an Angel. The highest paying symbol in the game is the Angel, who will deliver 750 x the line stake. All symbols are very childishly designed and would probably delight small kids up to the age of five, which is not exactly the ideal slots target market.

Yule Be Rich Free Spins and Wild Symbol

The only features in Yule Be Rich slot are the Free Spins and the wild symbol. The wild symbol is represented by a snowflake with the word Wild on it. This symbol will not only double any wins that it forms a part of, but will also take the place of all base symbols in the online casino Dubai game, except for the scatter father Christmas symbol.

The Father Christmas scatter is your portal to launching the free spins round. Santa can appear anywhere on your reels, as long as your paylines are active. Three of him will give you five free spins, four of him will give you fifteen free spins, and five of him will give you twenty five free spins. The free spins start automatically, and takes place on the same base reels that you play in the base game. The only difference is the addition of a little elf character, which will award you with a payout for finding two or more of them anywhere on an active payline.