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Hilarious Cartoon Online Video Slot South Park

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Some slots write their own theme and script, and this online South Park slot game from NetEnt certainly has the theme construction visible on the reels pretty down. From the moment the intro scene shows the unique character of Kenny being killed, again, by a slot machine game that falls on him, players will immediately recognise that same fledged humour displayed in the show to be found here in this slot game. The graphics of the game certainly share a similar appeal to that of the actual show and players interested in the notable characters within will be happy to find that not only do the four main boys make appearances on the reels but they come along with a bonus attached to each of them.

So whatever the satirical call out of the week may be players can look out for this South Park slot to perhaps remind them that in some ways there is a lot to laugh about. The structure of this slot game isn’t one of them however as players will look to this to find base game entertainment at this online slot. Players will locate the 5 reels and 25 adjustable lines fairly easily on the open interface available, with the reels themselves taking central screen. There is also the aforementioned bonus features that accompany the characters of South Park slot onto the reels for some real slot potential.

More on the Theme and Slot Betting Options

The colour scheme, graphics style and overall involvement of this theme on the reels of this slot game are very similar to the actual satirical cartoon series, and so players familiar with the original will likely find quite a few exciting options available to explore. These include some of the creative characters like Kenny of course, Kyle, Stan and obviously Cartman himself, causing a little mayhem alongside some additional winning potential for the players involved. Overall the effect produced visually by this South Park slot online casino nz game from NetEnt is rather appealing, even if players don’t follow the series it comes from.

The setup of the South Park game is also fairly straightforward, a testament to the capabilities of the developer NetEnt who have been doing this slot creation thing for quite a while now and as a result know well where players will look to find and adopt things. This includes a range of betting options, from the adjustable lines to the actual bet value and more, making the experience quite capable of tailoring itself to the players involved.

Theming the Bonus Features on the Reels

Every good online slot game likes to offer its players a few bonuses on the side of a capable base game experience and with this South Park slot base game comes an accompanying collection of various features. These include bonus games linked to each of the main boys that offers players free spins, multipliers and more as they spin the reels. There are also a collection of various features that trigger during the base game and involve Wilds and other various instalments relating to the series this South Park slot is based on. Overall this game from NetEnt promises some fun.

Play Mythic Maiden Online Slot at NetEnt™ Games

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The original Iron Maiden was history’s most vicious torture device. A coffin-like enclosure, large enough to house a human being, was kitted out on the inside with metal spikes. The unlucky victim placed inside the Iron Maiden would be slowly impaled by the spikes, resulting in a cruel and gruesome death.  In fact, the device is so unthinkably fiendish, that it was once considered to be a figment of someone’s imagination, rather than a real object in medieval history.

The device is primarily associated with death, torture and even mystical crossings over into the afterlife.  A school of thought believing in the supernatural powers of the Iron Maiden has since emerged. Scholars believe the ancient device to be more than a mere torturing tool, but rather a way to enter the realm of the undead.

Mythic Maiden is based on this particular school of thought, and features 5 reels and 30 paylines. Special features include multipliers and a Free Spins Bonus Game.

As is the case with most of this developer’s online video slots, the game is supported by and able to run on Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as all major mobile device operating systems.

Mythic Maiden Symbols

Symbols include all things evil, creepy and scary – a skeleton hand clutching a book, a Zombie-like skull,  a skull presumed to be that of a Baboon, a gigantic spider and a ominous looking red chest.

The Zombie skill is the highest paying symbol – paying out at 2 000 credits for 5 in a row. The skull of the Baboon pays out at 1 000 credits for 5 matching symbols on an active payline, and the book, spider and red chest follow suit at 500, 200 and 150 credits respectively.

Playing card symbols are creatively depicted as burning home-made candles. These pay out at between 70 and 125 credits for a winning combination of 5.

Card symbols include the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and the Number 10 card.

The online casinos Canada game’s wild symbol is a human skull that transforms into a planet-like image. The wild will complete the highest possible winning combination on a payline. Any win completed by the wild symbol will automatically be multiplied by 3.

Mythic Maiden Free Spins Bonus Game

The Mythic Maiden Free Spins Bonus Game comes into play whenever 3 or more Mythic Maiden scatter symbols appear in any location on the reels during any given spin.

The scatter symbol is a rotating red and purple sphere.

3 scatters activates 10 free spins, 4 will fall in at 15 free spins, and 5 scatter symbols will launch 30 free spins during the Mythic Maiden Free Spins Bonus Game.

During the Free Spins Bonus Game, the Iron Maiden makes a guest appearance.  After each spin, she will reflect the number of additional free spins awarded, as well as a multiplier of up to 10 times.

Mythic Maiden can be played on a spin by spin basis, or by making use of the slot’s Autoplay function.

Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot Slot Summary

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Summarising a jam-packed, highly detailed slot machine into an easy-to-read summary proves quite difficult when many adjectives come to mind and details of the game itself would send one on a lengthy verbal spin. However, we have pinpointed the main elements of the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine for player’s easy reference and use. This slot features the expected five reels and 20 pay lines and comes with fantastic in-game features like a scatter symbol, a wild icon and an action-packed bonus game.

With many ways to win and game elements which assist players in claiming the slot game’s whopping jackpot, the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine is a preferred gaming choice in the vast ocean of slot offerings – suitable for both beginners and seasoned pros. When it comes to betting, a large betting range has been provided to accommodate just about any slot player. Summarising the theme, players can meet the theme’s main character, the famous Captain Nemo who sails the seas inside a submarine.

Instead of just spinning generic oceanic reels, which generally feature symbols that are adapted from the expected, cartoonish sea theme, this slot and its reel symbols are based on a world-renown fictional novel. On the side of the screen on the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine, Captain Nemo stands proudly in his swimming attire next to the ocean coloured reels.

Reel Symbols Taken From A Storyline

Every icon on the reel is a piece of the adventurous storyline, so if you’ve seen the Captain Nemo movies or read the books, you can see recognisable items like sunken ships, a submarine, a compass, a mysterious island, an octopus, a treasure map and of course a swimming costume. The logo icon is the scatter in the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot and enough of these on the reels will trigger the free spins bonus game.

The wild in the online slots Singapore game is the sunken ship icon, and this sunken ship will help players to replace other icons on the reels to reveal even better winning combinations and high rewards. Making for more immersive action in Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine, the symbols come to life in innovative animation fashion when situated in a winning combo.

So Why Is This Slot Making Waves In The Virtual Ocean?

In a nutshell, this slot is making waves in the virtual realm of online gaming with its innovative game speed feature which spins the reels at supersonic speed for rapid reel reveals. Another draw card to this ocean of winning potential is the awesome 4 000 coin jackpot up for grabs.

An Old Theme Refreshed Beautifully

Before diving into a virtual underwater world of fun and rewards, it’s beneficial to read how the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine has been revamped and refreshed in such a way that is has made a big splash in the online slot game pool.

The captain hook and ocean themes have been rehashed and boringly plastered on both land-based and online slot machines time and time again, much to the yawns of slot players. However, Amaya Games, a leader in slot machine games, has taken this tired theme, tweaked it and creatively redesigned it in such a way that the Amaya Games Captain Nemo Jackpot online slot machine now attracts slot players from the world over.

Amaya Call Of The Colosseum Online Slot Review

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The name Amaya is synonymous with top quality online game offerings and Call Of The Colosseum slot game is packed to the brim with only the best in-game features, the crème da le cream of prizes and pay-outs, never-before-seen graphics detailed with such precision, the most innovative sound effects and the most eye-catching colour and decor designs.

So what is this slot game you ask intriguingly?  Well similar to other slot products of this kind, this online offering supports the typical, but never boring, five-reel grid alongside 20 pay lines. The Call Of The Colosseum slot game brings the world of Rome to life, and even amplifies this virtual realm further with incredible animations experienced during gameplay, making it feel like you’re really in the famous Colosseum. Featuring themed symbols, one can expect to find a local girl, tiger shields, the famous emperor himself and other relative icons associated with this historical structure.

Rome Was Built In A Day, This Slot Wasn’t

When playing slots, it’s clearly obvious when a gaming developer takes only one day to create and release a slot title, an obvious rush job, with the game in its entirety clearly showing just how little effort the developer put into it. And with little effort put in, just as slot fans will spend much time playing it – a few minutes if that. Why bother with low-end slot games when you can spend hours on a quality slot game like Call Of The Colosseum slot.

The number of hours and time spent by players enjoying this game is symbolic of the many hours clocked up by the gaming developers when putting the pieces of this game together.  And when you immerse in this online slot game, which was built from the technological ground up, you are sure to spend many hours escaping reality and enjoying a themed masterpiece in the form of Call Of The Colosseum.

Mass Effort Placed In Both Aesthetics And Rewards

Conceptualising and creating the Call Of The Colosseum slot game from scratch took a qualified team of craftsman, hours of brainpower and technological savvy, a variety of skills and a large amount of creative thought. The same amount of effort has been placed on the overall functioning and appearance of the game as it has been placed on the rewards aspect.

A wild symbol, a scatter symbol and a fun free spin feature really up the rewarding ante of this game with a total of 10 free spins awarded every time this bonus game is activated. Extra spins are up for grabs as well in Call Of The Colosseum Canadian casino games. Mass effort has also been applied to the different ways a player can increase their winnings. Through the gambling button, players can try their luck to either double or quadruple their winnings. And most of all, the main consideration in the Call Of The Colosseum slot is seen in the ultimate prize which comes in a shiny amount of 5000 coins.

Amaya Games Caesar Salad Slot Description

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If you’ve never sunk your teeth into this slot game created by a gaming developer seated at the front of the online slot world, here’s a simple lowdown on what to expect. According to experts, opening this game reveals the standard grid format of five reels and 25 pay lines. With every detail, creative design and motif pointing to Rome, one can clearer make out that the game is themed around the Roman Emperor and the famous Julius Caesar who ruled the land.

Adding to this ancient, but newly-updated, theme on Amaya Games Caesar Salad online slot are the symbols on the reels, the outer background graphics, striking colours and immersive music which all amalgamate together in a synchronised fashion to display one united theme. Some of the symbols include the main character himself, the emperor’s wife, a soldier of the Roman empire, Roman cuisine such as wine, chicken and salad, and a majestic lion.

A Game Beyond Face Value

Choosing a movie to watch, a chocolate bar to eat or the perfect holiday resort to visit is all based on one decision. One decision which is based on face value, the impression one gets when looking at the outer package of a product. And slot games and online casino UK offerings are no different, with Amaya Games Caesar Salad slot game presenting a fun and rewarding adventure on face value. But once drawn into this virtual realm, does this in-game experience truly live up to the overall product in terms of face value?

Are expectations hyped up by ideas of out-of-this-world in-game features and unimaginable rewards which seem too good to be true and then suddenly seem to fall flat when the players receive everything but. The answer to this questions is no. According to gaming experts, Amaya Games Caesar Salad slot does not over promise and under deliver but over delivers. As promoted and advertised by online casino websites, this games boasts everything on the drawcard list including wilds, free spins, scatters and multipliers.

Spinning The Reels Really Does Reward

Entertainment rewards come thick and fast with this interactive slot truly engaging with players through lively symbol animations and navigation buttons.  Compatible with most devices on the market, including Mac and Linux, these top quality devices mesh well with the slot game’s software to create a layout, style and overall appearance which rewards the player’s eyes. In terms of actual rewards and prizes, they come frequently as the game loads fast and the seamless gameplay allows each reel spin to propel the player to the next spin in the blink of an eye.

Rewarding symbols on Amaya Games Caesar Salad slot come in the form of the wild Caesar symbol and his wife who takes the role of the scatter in the game.  Spinning the reels in the entertaining free spins bonus game is sure to reward players immediately with 10 free spins, as well as the opportunity to retrigger this bonus game and acquire more rewarding free spins. The biggest reward in the Amaya Games Caesar Salad slot game is a whopping prize money of 7 500 coins if five wild symbols all line up neatly next to one another on the reels.

Venetian Rose Online Slot Overview

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The Venetian Rose online video slot game developed by NextGen is available, through licensing agreements, at online casinos powered by Amaya Gaming. With the title rendered in elegant, curvy pink writing, and vividly coloured photo-realistic backdrops and symbols, this is the Venice of Casanova, where the wealthy play at masked balls and classical music accompanies the action. An aura of wealth and subliminal lust hangs over the five reels and 25 paylines.

The racy action is more suggested than displayed: a brilliant view of sunlit clouds behind the city, with the gondolas bobbing up and down unceasingly on the canals, contributes to a relaxed vibe in general. The Venetian Rose reels are housed in an elegant marble frame, adorned with roses, against the watercraft and waterways of Venice in the background. Players can adjust the number of active paylines, and set bets per line between 0.02 and 5.00 in the relevant currency. All the human characters come to life in brief animations when they are involved in a win.

Ten Payline Symbols, up to 750 Coins

Although Venetian Rose uses the hackneyed poli poker symbols for six of its low values, the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A are at least designed in the same ornate, attractive script as the game’s title, in a variety of pastel hues. They are matched in pairs with equal value prizes, which rise to 150 coins for five Ks or As.

The Venetian Rose themed symbols start with another matched pair: a woman’s fan and her opera glasses. They win 15, 50 or 250 coins for three, four or five matches. A lady taking a gondola to a night out is next, winning prizes for two matches or more and scoring 500 coins for five of a kind. The top payline symbol is a masked man: perhaps Casanova himself. He also wins for two matches or better, with five matches scoring a prize of 750 coins.

Lady Wild Can Pay 1,000 Coins

An elegant lady at the ball, her towering wig ornamented with roses, is presumably the Venetian Rose herself. She serves as the title’s Wild icon, standing in for other payline symbols to make more winning lines. When she forms her own matching combos from Reel 1, she wins extra prizes for two or more consecutive matches: 10, 100, 1,000 or 3,000 coins.

Scatter Activates Bonus Round in Ballroom

A brightly decorated mask for a masquerade ball fills the Scatter role in Venetian Rose. Two or more appearing anywhere trigger an instant win of between 1X and 200X the entire bet on the spin, and three or more Scatters, as is common, activates a bonus round of free spins.

The scene changes to a chandelier-lit ballroom and balcony looking over the canals at evening, while the lady and gentleman dance past romantically. The player is awarded 10 free spins, and any prizes won during the bonus round are tripled. Although it is the game’s only bonus feature, the X3 multiplier can make this round a profitable one for players.

Vegas Blackjack Online is the Real Deal

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Software giant Amaya Gaming offers gaming fans a number of different versions of Blackjack online, but Vegas Blackjack is the variant closest to a real, solid Blackjack table in a land-based casino. The game’s design echoes this, as it is laid out with the baize, walnut chip racks and clearly marked betting boxes and payout values one would fins at a Blackjack table.

The Vegas Blackjack table has five betting boxes, but since it is a single-player-versus-dealer game, the player can choose how many of these to play. If they wish to, they can bet on five hands every time. The minimum bet per box is $5 an the maximum $100, and players can also take an insurance bet if the dealer is showing an Ace and may therefore have Blackjack. The game is played with a shoe of four standard decks.

A Good Way to Learn Blackjack

The online versions of Vegas Blackjack available include demo modes, so players can practise the game and learn online blackjack Singapore strategy before they risk real money. This title also has an Auto Strategy option, which calculates odds and makes the best possible calls during play, and an Auto Bet option, which will adjust the player’s stakes according to their remaining credit balance.

Novice players can use both these Auto buttons to effectively make the machine play itself, and then observe whether the computer hits, stands, splits or doubles according to the cards that are visible. It is a useful training tool.

Vegas Blackjack Basics Explained

For those who have not yet encountered this vintage card game, one of the most popular casino games in the world, the basics of Vegas Blackjack are simple: the player must try to get a card total that beats the dealer’s total, and is as close to 21 as possible. However, if their card count exceeds 21, the player busts and the dealer wins automatically, whatever is in their hand.

Aces in Vegas Blackjack can be soft, counted as 1, or hard, counted as 11. So a 17 made with an Ace and a 6, for example, is a ‘soft 17’ – if the player hits, they cannot bust. Although they could draw, say, a 7, which then makes a hard 14: a weaker hand and one more likely to bust if the player hits again.

Vegas Blackjack Game Play

Once the player has set a stake and bet on the desired number of boxes, they are dealt two cards on every box, and the dealer gets two as well. The player can only see one of the dealer’s cards, and on the strength of that must assess their own hands and decide whether to stand with what they have, hit to receive another card, split matching pairs, or double down on totals between 8 and 11, in which case they can only receive one more card on that hand.

The latter two options allow an increase on the bet, and since all ordinary wins pay even money, they can be useful when the player has strong hands. If the player gets Blackjack, namely 21 made with just two cards, and the dealer doesn’t, the player is paid 3 to 2.

Play N Go 5x Magic Slot Review

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Although new slot releases continue to hit the online gaming shelves and boast the newest in in-game features, some slot fans still like to revert back to the old favourites – the traditional retro online slot machines. There is a certain magical feeling about traditional slot machines, which no technological-advanced slot can beat, and the Play n Go 5x Magic slot certainly offers old-school magical slot action. This gaming developer has taken a slot machine game of yesteryear, waved its magic technology wand over it and created a slot machine that offers five times the entertainment magic.

A Magic Show Theme To Enjoy

This three-reel, five pay line slot machine is beautifully themed according to a magic show. It’s easy in-game navigation, simple interface, vibrant colours, classic gameplay, immersive sounds and overall detailed look and feel immediately immerses players into a world of virtual magic. Although not a video slot, the Play n Go 5x Magic slot game is themed like a video slot and is designed in such an innovative way that it immerses players into the showbiz lifestyle of a magician. In line with the typical classic, retro slot, players can expect to encounter the common single, double and triple bar symbols on the reels.

In line with the magical theme, players can also expect to encounter symbols that contribute to the illusionist theme like the magician himself and the magician’s top hat­. The reels are set on top of a graphic that shows a stage. Above the reels on the Play n­­­ Go 5x Magic slot game is a big flashing Canadian mobile casinos game sign which really makes players feel like they are about to watch a virtual magic show.

5000 Times The Pay Line

When playing on maximum bet, players can win up to 5000 times their pay line bet. There is also a scatter symbol in the game in the form of the magician’s top hat and it multiplies the winnings by either five or 25 for more take-home winnings. The multiplier activated depends on how many scatter symbols appear at once on the reels. The trick to trigger these multipliers is to land two, three or more scatter symbols on the reels at once. The activation of the multipliers is not dependent on how many pay lines a player chooses, but only depends on the number of scatter symbols that actually appear on the reel.

The Play n Go 5x Magic slot game also has mores ways of winning with its ‘5x’ symbol acting like a multiplying wild. Like other slots, the wild replaces all other symbols on the reels except for the scatter to create better wins. Even better, when this symbol appears, it will also multiply the winnings by 5x or 25x, depending on how many of the wilds appear on the screen.  The ‘5x’ symbol icon certainly brings the magic to the game as it pays anything from 2500x or 5000x your initial bet. Get five of them on the reels and you know you will be receiving the big prize in the form of the Play n Go 5x Magic slot jackpot.

Fantasy Online Slot in Tower Quest

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It’s obvious that fantasy adventure games like Dungeons and Dragons and the mythical realms invented by Tolkien are the inspiration for the Play’n Go video slot game Tower Quest. In front of a forbidding grey wizard’s tower guarded by dragons, the five reels provide a bright contrast with a range of symbols in bold hues.

Tower Quest features 20 paylines, and players can vary the coin denomination from 1 to 100 credits, and also bet365 NZ up to 5 coins per line. Apart from the rich colours, the artwork features detailed designs crafted in the style of graphic novels.

Bonus Game Sticks to Theme

The Bonus Feature in Tower Quest, which is an extra feature in addition to a free spins round, is fairly unusual and plays on its own separate screen. It is triggered by the Evil Wizard Scatter icon; if three or more of these icons crop up in any position, the Bonus Feature pits the Wizard against the buxom red-haired adventuress in a game of dice and cards.

The player rolls the dice to start the round, and the two hands dealt are compared with the strength of the attacker versus the health points of the defender. The player can win up to 500X the total spin bet by beating the Wizard in this Tower Quest Bonus Feature.

Nine Ordinary Symbols in Play

Tower Quest uses only nine ordinary symbols in play, including the poker card values J, Q, K and A These are rendered as cracked stone letters brightened up with primary colours, and all require at least three matches on the same payline, in uninterrupted succession from Reel 1, to win prizes. Three Js win 2 credits, the lowest prize available, while five As win 50 credits.

There are five theme-related ordinary icons in Tower Quest too: an orc, a skeleton king, a fiery dragon, the red-haired heroine and a golden-haired hero. They also require three matches or better to win. For five of a kind, these symbols win 75, 100, 125, 150 or 175 credits, respectively.

The Tower Quest Wild is the Wizard’s tower, bathed in purple wyrdlight. Apart from its ability to replace any symbol except the Wizard and the Scatter in a winning payline, the Wild wins its own prizes for three or more matches: 20, 75 or 250 credits.

Potion Scatter Scores Variable Bonus Rounds

The second Scatter symbol in Tower Quest is a bottle of red or blue potion, and it also works differently to most slots. Alongside the reels are two coloured meters, each featuring a range of runic symbols that total up the two types of Potion Scatters as they appear on successive spins.

Once the player has collected 10 Potion Scatters of one colour, they trigger 5 Free Spins with an Empowered Wild, meaning that any wins involving the Wild are multiplied by X3. After collecting 20 Potion Scatters, the player gets 5 free spins with both the male and female adventurer icons acting as Extra Wilds. 30 Potion Scatters trigger 5 free spins with Everburning Wilds; a new sticky Wild will appear at the start of each free spin, and remain in place for the rest of the round.

Online Slots Players Can Get Pimped

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With five transparent unframed reels set against the backdrop of a luxury, blinged-up penthouse with an amazing city view, the Pimped video slot title from Play’n Go software is clearly aimed at aspirational hip-hop fans. The slow, sensual soundtrack and dance-club sound effects enhance this impression, as do the pimped-out icons and characters in play.

Pimped offers 20 paylines, and players can bet from 1 to 1,000 credits per line. So it can be played on small budgets, but it’s also fun for bling-sporting high rollers too. The game controls, true to the theme, are attached by chunky gold chains. The entire game, from background design to top-scoring icons, is redolent of the wealth and success available to stars at the top of the hip-hop industry.

Luxury and Riches in All the Symbols

Pimped does use the all-too-familiar poker card values, from 10 to A, in its symbols, but these are swathed in luxury in keeping with the theme. They are rendered as solid gold figures in ornate Gothic script, each covered in tiny diamonds. All Pimped symbols, including the themed ones, require at least three consecutive matches from Reel 1 on a payline to win a prize. Five As win the top prize from this selection: 150 credits.

There are also five themed icons among Pimped’s ordinary symbols. The money roll wins 5, 50 or 250 credits for three, four or five matches, while the gold-and-diamonds signet ring wins 10, 75 or 250. Two hot bikini-clad babes on the same icon win 10, 75 or 400 credits. A rapper who looks a lot like Ice Cube wins 20, 100 or 500 credits, and the Snoop Dogg lookalike wins 20, 150 or 750 for the same matches. Both these characters are draped in the suits and accessories that epitomise the blinged-up lifestyle.

Wild the Ultimate in Bling

Chunky gold knuckle-duster rings are also a prominent feature of hip-hop fashion, and the Pimped Wild is inspired by this. It is the word Wild, fashioned as a four-ring knuckle-duster in heavy gold and embellished with diamonds, worn on an uncompromising fist. The Wild performs the usual Canada online casino slot game substitution role, but can also win prizes for matching Wild paylines from Reel 1: up to 1,000 credits for five of a kind.

Free Spins Round has Guaranteed Wins

The Pimped Scatter symbol is a huge dollar sign, in gold, diamonds and lapis lazuli. Three or more in any position activate the free spins round, called Win Spins on this title. Players begin with 5 Win Spins, but they are guaranteed a win on every one of them, no matter how small.

If another Scatter appears during Win Spins, the player is awarded two more free spins, and the round can be retriggered for a total of 20 Win Spins in one session.

The maximum win on Pimped can be as high as 1,000,000 credits, but even its lower-value prizes can make long-term play worthwhile. The Auto Play function makes long-term play easier, as it allows players to set off up to 50 spins with a single click.