1×2 Gaming’s Mystical Aztec Secrets Slot

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In the well-established tradition of online video slots that hark back to ancient times comes a rustic five-reel, 25-payline offering by 1×2 Gaming – the Aztec Secrets slot.

Complete with abandoned ruins, tribal masks, ornate tribal masks, and – of course – Aztec gold, the Aztec Secrets slot leaves no ambiguity as to its theme. The five reels and three rows are not outlined so the Aztec Secrets slot symbols appear to simply float in space, against the blue backdrop of the dense North American jungle.

The Aztec Secrets slot reels are framed by elaborate stone carvings, brightly coloured feathers, the fallen leaves of jungle trees, and the bare bones of slain enemies. The “spin” button, which is placed directly in the centre below the reels, is amusingly printed on the head of an ancient bongo-like drum.

The soundtrack that accompanies the audible spinning of the Aztec Secrets slot reels has a suitably tribal feel, although it does become rather monotonous after a while. Fortunately, the Aztec Secrets slot setting do allow for sounds to be turned off.

How to Win that Aztec Gold

The top jackpot in the offing in the Aztec Secrets slot is 800 times the base wager but, even if players aren’t lucky enough to hit the big time, they’re bound to receive smaller payouts fairly often, since the slot features a generous 97.5% RTP.

Bets on the Aztec Secrets slot start at 0.05 but may go up to 270.00 credits per spin and the 25 paylines are adjustable.

The Aztec Secrets slot wild symbol – which takes the form of a wide-eyed golden Aztec mask – will certainly help players rake in those wins, as it can stand in for any other standard symbol to complete winning paylines.

However, the biggest Aztec Secrets slot wins await in the game’s two bonus features.

Free Spins Unmasked

The scatter symbol in the Aztec Secrets slot includes the word “scatter” and features a rather terrifying mask resembling something like a cross between a sabre-toothed tiger and a golden dragon.

If online casino Philippines players land three or more such Aztec Secrets slot scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, free spins are awarded and all wins accumulated during these free spins are doubled. Unfortunately, free spins in the Aztec Secrets slot cannot be retriggered while in play.

A Stony Special Feature

In addition to the wild and scatter symbols, there is one other very special symbol in the Aztec Secrets slot. This is the Aztec Secrets slot bonus symbol, which features the striking image of a golden Aztec coin bearing a tribal sun pattern.

Aztec Secrets slot players who are fortunate enough to land three or more such symbols anywhere on the reels will activate the bonus feature. What’s more, if they do all land on an active payline, an additional Aztec Secrets slot combo prize is awarded.

For the Aztec Secrets slot bonus feature, players are taken to a new screen depicting an ancient stone ruin, where they will be given several stones from which to choose. Based on Aztec Secrets slot players’ choices, they may be awarded gold coins that represent cash prizes.

Celebrity In The Jungle Slot

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These days, there’s a reality show for just about everything and many pseudo-celebrities have been quick to jump on this cheap publicity bandwagon. And, since the online slots industry has never been known to miss a beat when it comes to popular trends, it didn’t take long for it to cotton onto reality TV mania either.

The Celebrity in the Jungle slot by 1×2 Gaming is this developer’s online video slot version of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” – the popular television series that sees a group of D-list celebrities marooned in the wilderness for several weeks or months.

This five-reel, 25-line slot takes bets of between 0.05 and 750.00 credits per spin and has a handsome 97.7% RTP.

It’s a Jungle in There

It’s little wonder that 1×2 Gaming chose “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” as its inspiration for the Celebrity in the Jungle slot – the reality show has aired over 40 seasons in  the US, the UK, India, Germany, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and Romania.

Some of the exotic filming locations that inspired the Celebrity in the Jungle slot include remote regions of Brazil, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Costa Rica.

The Celebrity in the Jungle slot interpretation of these settings a quirky cartoon slot, wherein the reels are framed by palm fronds and other leafy foliage, crawling with lady bugs and other insects. Symbols include caricatures of washed-up celebrities – although they bear no obvious resemblance to any actual people – as well as a fork-tongued green snake and the usual high-ranking playing card symbols, among others.

This, combined with a soundtrack featuring the cheerful chirping of birds and other such jungle sounds – sets a scene that appears more like an idyllic getaway than a gruelling challenge. Celebrity in the Jungle slot is thus probably a fairly accurate reflection of the true reality behind “reality” TV.

Things Get a Little Wild

As with most online video slots nowadays, the Celebrity in the Jungle slot features a wild symbol, which can act as a substitute for any standard symbol to help complete winning combinations. Players will easily know the Celebrity in the Jungle slot wild as it takes the simple form of the word “WILD”, scrolled in bright orange letters across a leafy green background.

Put a Celebrity Spin on Things

The Celebrity in the Jungle slot also features the popular real money online pokies free spins bonus feature, which is activated when players land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. In the Celebrity in the Jungle slot, the bizarre scatter symbol is a blue-eyed brunette, biting down on a golden star.

The number of free spins awarded in the Celebrity in the Jungle slot depends on the number of scatters landed: 10, 20 and 30 free spins for three, four and five scatters, respectively. In addition, all free spins wins come with a 2x multiplier in the Celebrity in the Jungle slot.

Sink Your Teeth into the Bonus Game

What reality show would be complete without a challenge in which contestants must try to eat various gross things? In the Celebrity in the Jungle slot, therefore, one of the symbols is a close-up of some teeth biting into a worm or grub of sorts.

This is the Celebrity in the Jungle slot bonus symbol and, if players land three or more of these anywhere on the reels, they will be taken to a new screen to play the bonus game. Here, they will have to choose from various boxes to reveal instant cash prizes.

Casino Slots Online

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Casino Slots Online Are Extremely Popular

Slots games are the mainstay of all casinos, whether they are the brick and mortar casinos, or the online casinos. Slots machines have advanced so much in the last few years that playing casino slots online is now much like playing a mini video game. There are fascinating story lines and themes that are based on a range of popular films or television programs, or legends of fable and history, or adventures that can take place anywhere from the depths of the oceans to the outer reaches of the galaxy. It is no wonder that the modern slots game is the favourite casino game of most players. (more…)

Free Play Casino Online Slots

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Everyone loves a freebie.  The great thing about free play casino online slots is that they can be played by anyone anywhere in the world. Most top online casinos in Canada offer games that are available for free.  Free play casino online slot games are available on all major computer operating systems as well as versions designed specifically for mobile systems.  When playing for free, its mostly not even necessary to go through the player registration process, as no real money changes hands. (more…)

Casino Online Games in Canada

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The Canadian casino online games scene is a massively popular one with thousands upon thousands of players logging on daily. Newcomers to this vibrant community may find themselves a bit overwhelmed by the sheer selection and depth afforded to them in this modern platform.

That is why a small guide such as this could prove indispensable to the modern online slot machine warrior. All that is needed is a few minutes and a desire to learn and you’ll be well on your way to tapping into the vast world of casino online games. (more…)

The Beautifully Simple Sparks Online Slot Game

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It’s rather difficult to nail down a single aspect that dominates this online slot’s theme as players will realise when they open this multifaceted game. As the title of this Sparks slot game suggests, the primary focus is on bright bits of light, but from here the boiling pot expands. See the game itself takes on a rather tranquil style, minimalistic and with an almost ethereal atmosphere about it. This then invites a paradox between the erratic and almost unpredictable nature of Sparks themselves and so produces a rather interesting flow of thematic energy. The graphics are also pretty good which is nice. (more…)

A Galactic Adventure in Space Wars Slot

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Space Wars is quite a fun slot game theme from developers NetEnt who have over the years produced a good number of online games of this calibre. From the moment the game screen opens players will have a pretty good idea of what exactly is in store for them from this online slot game. The style of this outer space theme choice is done with a cartoon flair that makes the graphics quite appealing and the gameplay potentially immersive. Even the layout of this game screen offers a unique perspective on this sort of platform and so with all the different aliens and cool things to find on the reels of this game there is certainly a fair bit to uncover. (more…)

The South Park Reel Chaos Slot Game

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South Park Reel Chaos is a video slots game designed and developed by Net Entertainment, one of the leaders in today’s gaming software world. The game combines five reels and twenty pay lines with a theme of super heroes and South Park characters.

A Chaotic Theme

The South Park Reel Chaos video slots game, as its name might suggest, is based on the popular television show South Park. It features the South Park show characters, dressed up in super hero costumes, in a fun slots game. The game offers many extravagant features to provide a humorous playing environment, as well as stacked wilds, multipliers, re-spins, overlaying wilds, and a bonus round. (more…)

Hilarious Cartoon Online Video Slot South Park

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Some slots write their own theme and script, and this online South Park slot game from NetEnt certainly has the theme construction visible on the reels pretty down. From the moment the intro scene shows the unique character of Kenny being killed, again, by a slot machine game that falls on him, players will immediately recognise that same fledged humour displayed in the show to be found here in this slot game. The graphics of the game certainly share a similar appeal to that of the actual show and players interested in the notable characters within will be happy to find that not only do the four main boys make appearances on the reels but they come along with a bonus attached to each of them.

So whatever the satirical call out of the week may be players can look out for this South Park slot to perhaps remind them that in some ways there is a lot to laugh about. The structure of this slot game isn’t one of them however as players will look to this to find base game entertainment at this online slot. Players will locate the 5 reels and 25 adjustable lines fairly easily on the open interface available, with the reels themselves taking central screen. There is also the aforementioned bonus features that accompany the characters of South Park slot onto the reels for some real slot potential.

More on the Theme and Slot Betting Options

The colour scheme, graphics style and overall involvement of this theme on the reels of this slot game are very similar to the actual satirical cartoon series, and so players familiar with the original will likely find quite a few exciting options available to explore. These include some of the creative characters like Kenny of course, Kyle, Stan and obviously Cartman himself, causing a little mayhem alongside some additional winning potential for the players involved. Overall the effect produced visually by this South Park slot online casino nz game from NetEnt is rather appealing, even if players don’t follow the series it comes from.

The setup of the South Park game is also fairly straightforward, a testament to the capabilities of the developer NetEnt who have been doing this slot creation thing for quite a while now and as a result know well where players will look to find and adopt things. This includes a range of betting options, from the adjustable lines to the actual bet value and more, making the experience quite capable of tailoring itself to the players involved.

Theming the Bonus Features on the Reels

Every good online slot game likes to offer its players a few bonuses on the side of a capable base game experience and with this South Park slot base game comes an accompanying collection of various features. These include bonus games linked to each of the main boys that offers players free spins, multipliers and more as they spin the reels. There are also a collection of various features that trigger during the base game and involve Wilds and other various instalments relating to the series this South Park slot is based on. Overall this game from NetEnt promises some fun.

Play Mythic Maiden Online Slot at NetEnt™ Games

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The original Iron Maiden was history’s most vicious torture device. A coffin-like enclosure, large enough to house a human being, was kitted out on the inside with metal spikes. The unlucky victim placed inside the Iron Maiden would be slowly impaled by the spikes, resulting in a cruel and gruesome death.  In fact, the device is so unthinkably fiendish, that it was once considered to be a figment of someone’s imagination, rather than a real object in medieval history.

The device is primarily associated with death, torture and even mystical crossings over into the afterlife.  A school of thought believing in the supernatural powers of the Iron Maiden has since emerged. Scholars believe the ancient device to be more than a mere torturing tool, but rather a way to enter the realm of the undead.

Mythic Maiden is based on this particular school of thought, and features 5 reels and 30 paylines. Special features include multipliers and a Free Spins Bonus Game.

As is the case with most of this developer’s online video slots, the game is supported by and able to run on Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as all major mobile device operating systems.

Mythic Maiden Symbols

Symbols include all things evil, creepy and scary – a skeleton hand clutching a book, a Zombie-like skull,  a skull presumed to be that of a Baboon, a gigantic spider and a ominous looking red chest.

The Zombie skill is the highest paying symbol – paying out at 2 000 credits for 5 in a row. The skull of the Baboon pays out at 1 000 credits for 5 matching symbols on an active payline, and the book, spider and red chest follow suit at 500, 200 and 150 credits respectively.

Playing card symbols are creatively depicted as burning home-made candles. These pay out at between 70 and 125 credits for a winning combination of 5.

Card symbols include the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and the Number 10 card.

The online casinos Canada game’s wild symbol is a human skull that transforms into a planet-like image. The wild will complete the highest possible winning combination on a payline. Any win completed by the wild symbol will automatically be multiplied by 3.

Mythic Maiden Free Spins Bonus Game

The Mythic Maiden Free Spins Bonus Game comes into play whenever 3 or more Mythic Maiden scatter symbols appear in any location on the reels during any given spin.

The scatter symbol is a rotating red and purple sphere.

3 scatters activates 10 free spins, 4 will fall in at 15 free spins, and 5 scatter symbols will launch 30 free spins during the Mythic Maiden Free Spins Bonus Game.

During the Free Spins Bonus Game, the Iron Maiden makes a guest appearance.  After each spin, she will reflect the number of additional free spins awarded, as well as a multiplier of up to 10 times.

Mythic Maiden can be played on a spin by spin basis, or by making use of the slot’s Autoplay function.