secure online casino

Secure Online Casino

One of the best ways a player can ensure a secure online casino experience is to make sure the casino at which they are choosing to play is both regulated and fair. This can be verified in one of several ways. The first way is to check if the site is certified by eCOGRA.

eCOGRA stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This agency, established in the United Kingdom in 2003, is an international and independently approved agency that tests and certifies online casinos and other gambling sites, systems and software. What’s important about eCOGRA is that it has been given the UKAS’s ISO accreditation for testing and calibrating laboratories. It is an agency which has been approved in many jurisdictions of for online gaming.

The team from eCOGRA is made up of employees who specialise in auditing, IT, and business administration and many are certified accountants. This is to ensure the most qualified individuals are there to take part in the auditing process. The main objective of this company is to protect customers, keep people who are under the legal gambling age from accessing games, stop fraud, protect player privacy, ensure players are paid quickly and accurately, ensure fair random number generators are used on sites, and to ensure a reliable and safe environment for the casino and player’s to operate in.Sites like and other Canadian casinos need to ensure that their security systems are up to date with market legislation and technological trends.

Network Safety

Players looking to enjoy a secure online casino will often ask if they are able to do so on a public network. While it is possible to play at a secure online casino on a public network, it is probably not the safest option.

The problem with a public network is that anyone can access it at any time. And while a player might play on that same public network every day for a year without running into any trouble, they may find that the next time they log on, an online criminal utilises one of many techniques to steal their personal information or even banking information.

In order to best combat this, security conscious players will avoid public networks all together. The easiest way to do that is to keep your online gambling to private networks, such as your home network. An easy solution for a secure online casino while on the go is to utilise a private mobile network instead. These private mobile networks are secure because only the player has access to them. This eliminates the public elements all together and helps to ensure a much more secure online casino experience.


Data Encryption

Think of the internet as a highway. Information has to be sent between two places on a long stretch of road that can span hundreds and even thousands of miles. Along that highway, that information very briefly stops at small pit stops in order to make its way to its destination. Now consider that the package that’s being sent could be holding valuable information inside.

What encryption does for the package is make it much more difficult to get into. Information sent without encryption could be considered to be secured with packing tape. Information that has been encrypted could be considered to be secured in a metal box and welded shut. Players should make sure the sites they’re playing on offer some type of encryption, such as SSL, to ensure a secure gaming experience.